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This tutorial explores how to connect to ODBC2JSON and import data into Power BI Desktop.

  1. Run Power BI Desktop and click Get Data.
  2. Select the Other category in the Get Data dialog box, then select Web. Click Connect to confirm the choice.
  3. Enter your ODBC2JSON API URL, Example: http://localhost:9001/api/odbc2json/GetTable?tablename=user_details&apikey=adqevqevqeefq123123QFDFF&constring=db2&limit=5&cquery=2
  4. Now you should see the data.
  5. The bottom row in the table will always have null values, you can remove the bottom row (se image below)
  6. Make any necessary changes and click Close & Apply
  7. To get multiple database tables into the same Power BI report, just repeat the steps above for all your tables.

Power BI incremental dataset refresh with JSON REST API.

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