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API URL Format and Examples

ODBC2JSON REST API is addressed via URLs that comply with the REST-based URL format given here.

Every HTTP Request and Response communicate with ODBC2JSON REST API through URL, the URL format is as the following:

http://host:port/api/odbc2json/GetTable?query parameters

Query parameters:

tablename=Database tablename


constring=connection string name

cquery= custom query number

limit=the number of rows to return

datestart=select data from date

dateend=select data to date

Example: http://localhost:9001/api/odbc2json/GetTable?tablename=user_details&apikey=adqevqevqeefq123123QFDFF&constring=db2&limit=5&cquery=2&datestart=1999-08-03&dateend=1999-08-03

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